E.C. Welding & Field Services

With 23 years of experience we are able to meet all your needs in a safe & timely manner.  We are family owned & operated company that stands behind our work.  

our services

Oilfield & Maintenance Services

  • Facility, Tank Farms, Pipeline Construction (Carbon, Poly & Flex Pipe)
  • B-Pressure/MildSteel/Stainless Steel
  • Picker Truck Service
  • Plant & Field Maintenance
  • Abandonment’s (Carbon, Poly & Flex Pipes)
  • ABSA Codes & Procedures
  • Centrifuge Stands
  • Pump Houses, Skids, Doghouses, Shale Tanks, Boiler Buddings

Field Service

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Spools
  • Steel Structural
  • Safety Platforms
  • Free Standing Support Frames
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Tank Farms & Portable Tanks
  • Tank Installation
  • Tank Truck Repair

Structural Steel Fabrication

  • Fabrication Facility that has CWB Certified Welders
  • Mild Steel, Aluminum  & Stainless Steel
  • Welding & Machine Shop
  • Freestanding Support Frames
  • Crane Ways
  • Trailer Frames
  • Racking
  • WaterTanks
  • Staircases
  • Work Benches

our expertise


Our staff is comprised of:
Journeyman Welders (Red Seal & B-Pressure)
Journeyman Machinist (Red Seal)
Machine Technician
Journeyman Pipefitter (Red Seal)


ABSA Certifications:
B31.1 BEP
B31.1 Heater Coils
B31.5 Refrig
SectVIIdiv1 Pressure Vessels
CWB Certified

Safety Programs

Comply Works

Safety - Work Ethic - Integrity

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